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Individual Coaching

Life coaching

Individual therapy is client driven and provides a safe and confidential space for the individual to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and to work through any emotional or psychological challenges they may be facing.

The specifics can vary widely depending on the therapist's style, the type of therapy being used (e.g., cognitive-behavioral, psychoanalytic, person-centered, etc.), and your unique needs and preferences. Always feel free to communicate with your therapist about what works best for you.


Here is a general outline of what a typical individual therapy session might look like:

 - Welcome and Check-In

 - Review of Previous Sessions

 - Setting the Agenda

 - Discussion and Exploration

 - Skills Building

 - Processing emotions, thoughts, and behaviors

 - Feedback and Reflections

 - Homework or Practice

 - Closure and Scheduling Next Session

 - Ending on a positive note

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