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Group Coaching

Group Discussion

Group therapy provides a supportive and confidential space for participants to discuss and work through their personal challenges, share experiences, and offer mutual support to one another. The specifics can vary depending on the therapist's approach, the type of group therapy being, and the unique dynamics of the group. Open communication with the therapist and other group members about what feels most helpful is important for productive sessions.


Here's what a typical group therapy session might look like:

 - Welcome and Introduction

 - Check-In

 - Review of Group Rules

 - Topic Introduction or Focus

 - Sharing and Discussion

 - Active Listening and Feedback

 - Processing emotions, thoughts, and behaviors

 - Skill Building and Coping Strategies

 - Mutual Support and Empathy

 - Reflecting on Insights

 - Homework or Practice Assignments

 - Feedback and Closure

 - Planning and Scheduling Future Sessions

 - Ending on a positive note

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