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Libby Sudyka LMT

Meet Libby

Libby Sudyka, LMT

Libby is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Professional Reflexologist, and Integrative Health Coach practicing since May 2018.


I stumbled on Massage Therapy as a career by mistake. Before my training, massage was a luxury spa treatment, not a necessity as I see it now. Massage can be an amazing piece to help clients feel better and reduce and sometimes eliminate their chronic pain.

Massage and Reflexology allow me to specialize in pain management and treat chronic pain with a mix of deep tissue and relaxation. I have trained in Neuromuscular, myofascial techniques, Trigger Point, Thai, Pre and Postnatal, Sports, and work with people with disabilities. I truly care for each client and strive to help each client correct chronic conditions and find a little relief and relaxation along the way.

Interested in booking with Libby?

Call 615-448-6446 today!

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