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Family Coaching

Family with Tablet

Family therapy is a specialized form of counseling that involves multiple family members working together with a therapist to address issues and improve communication and relationships within the family unit. The specifics can vary based on the therapist's approach, the type of family therapy being used, and the unique dynamics of the family. Open communication with the therapist about what feels most helpful is important for productive sessions.


Here's what a typical family therapy session might look like:

 - Welcome and Introduction

 - Establishing the Agenda

 - Checking In with Each Family Member

 - Setting Ground Rules

 - Exploration of Family Dynamics and Roll of Each Family Member

 - Improving Communication

 - Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution

 - Identifying Strengths and Resources

 - Working through emotions, thoughts, and behaviors

 - Building Empathy and Understanding

 - Homework or Practice Assignments

 - Feedback and Reflections

 - Planning and Scheduling Future Sessions

 - Ending on a positive note

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